Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Final Project

This is the story map that I created, following the VPS model, in order to plan out what my final project would look like. I chose to take something that I already do in my classroom and turn it into a Digital Story. I decided to use one of my 5 paragraph essays, entitled "The Light of My Life." As an example, I created my 5 paragraph essay and used it as a guide to my story. It included images, voice over, music, transitions, and text. My hope is to have my students do the same thing in place of a 5 paragraph essay...and possibly present it to their special person as a gift :)

Types of Stories: Advertisement

We studied the various types of digital stories, one including advertisements. I created an anti-smoking advertisement so that I could use it in my class when teaching my Life Skills lessons.


Digital Storytelling can be used in a variety of ways. Throughout my class, I was able to experience various types of Digital Storytelling...one being the interview process. I chose to interview a colleague of mine and we discussed what it is like being a full time teacher, as well as being a full time Mom. It was very interesting to get her take on things and the stresses of her every day life. With hopes of being in her situation at some point in my life, I really enjoyed seeing the different sides of this situation that so many teachers go through.

The Door Scene...in pictures

I created this video with all still images and put it together to create the typical Digital Storytelling "Door Scene." I had a lot of fun making this video, but in order to make it the official "Door Scene" I would have to remove the person following...in most scenes you don't know what is scaring the person. Oooops:)

Introduction Video

This was one of my first projects from my Digital Storytelling class that I created. It uses images and voice to introduce me as a teacher. My story describes who I am, what I teach, where I teach, and why I teach. I was very nervous creating this first video because prior to this class, I did not have any experience with IMovie. I quickly learned how easy it was to use, and it became one of my favorite programs on my computer:)